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TitleDowntown Southern Shopping
Place nameDowntown
Date startOct 10 2015 09:30am (1201 Days Ago)
Date endOct 10 2015 03:00am (1201 Days Ago)

Southern Saturday Shopping

Saturday, October 10, 2015 (9:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.)

Downtown Barnard St., Glennville

Sponsored by the Glennville Downtown Development Authority & the Glennville Chamber of Commerce

Return form to:  Glennville Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 391, Glennville, GA 30427 or email to: info@glennvillechamber.com or fax to:  912-654-2527 or 912-654-1616

No Cost for Booth Space


Please Check the following:

All booth spaces will be numbered parking spaces located in front

___ Foods and Beverages                                            of the Barnard Street Business Sidewalks. No Vendors are allowed

___ Arts & Crafts / Commercial Exhibit                   on the Sidewalk.  Send this form to

___ Children’s Activities


Describe items to be sold. If you would like to sell food, please include a beverage, such as ice tea, soft drinks, water, lemonade or other.






Number of booth spaces needed ________                      Space No. preferred: 1st Choice _____________

2nd Choice  ____________


Name of Individual / Organization : ________________________________________________________

Contact Person: ________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________ State: ______________ Zip: __________________

Phone Number: (Cell) ____________________________ (Home/ Business)________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________________________________

For Questions Contact Luke Burkhalter (912) 282-3714

The undersigned does hereby release and forever discharge the committee, its principals, and anyone affiliated with the Glennville Downtown Development Authority and the Glennville Chamber of Commerce from any responsibility whatsoever, for damages or loss in any part, or all of, any exhibit, and gives the committee the right to refuse or terminate any exhibit does not meet Saturday Shopping standards. The undersigned vendor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Glennville Downtown Development Authority, the City of Glennville, the Glennville Chamber of Commerce, and the State of Georgia from any and all damages, including attorney’s fees and other costs of representation, arising from any cause of action against the Glennville Downtown Development and the Glennville Chamber of Commerce for personal injury or property damage arising out of use of the premises by the vendor or from any cause of action arising out of any negligence from the vendor.


Signature:___________________________________________________ Date:_____________________

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Downtown Southern Shopping

Downtown Southern Shopping

1217 Days Ago
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